Friday, January 27, 2012

ps3 windows 7 - how to connect windows 7 on ps3 with wireless

windowns 7 on PS3, your PS3 can be connected to your PC windonws 7 which you can enjoy the features of media server windonws media player 12. In this post I will explain in simple three ways to connect your ps3 to 7 windonws.

1.  go to the icon "settings" menu of your PS3 console and select the "Network Settings". Now get a internet connection and select "enable". Select Internet Connection Settings and press right on the pavement management to continue.

2.  select "easy" as a method of adjustment. select "Wireless". then selects scan and select the name of your wireless network. between a name for the wireless network on the PS3 using your keyboard on the screen. use the onscreen keyboard to enter the password for the wireless network or select none if the network does not use a password.

3 . press the "x" to save the settings and select "Test Connection". after the test, the PS3 will be connected to the network. Easy huh, if you like this post please feel free to share on your social networks ..

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