Friday, February 3, 2012

windows on ps3 - the only guide you need to install windows xp on ps3

Windows on PS3. Hello, if you read this post, it means you want to know how to install windows on ps3, to enjoy the advantage that windows offer your PS3 like playing SNESS, SEGA .. and more.

 In this article I will show in only 10 steps on how to install Windows XP on your PlayStation 3 for free. Before starting to follow the advice I am about to share.
you should know that there are several ways you can use to install Windows on PS3, you can buy software for Windows will install lqui on your ps3 quickly, I suggest you personnaly ps3magic is the best software to install windows on ps3 in any security, not only can you install Windows, you can watch the movie, listen to music, watch DVDs and otrher 2100.
1.the first step to install windows on ps3, download linux on a flash drive, then plug the flash drive into your PS3 console.

2.Click on your setting in your ps3, then setting system menu bar that appears, then install Other OS from the next menu bar. Now choose linux on the list that appears.

3. wait until the relocation of your ps3. this may take several minutes so be patient.
choose "linux" with the controller when the console reached its new home screen, which will include the ability to run with linux-mode or "traditional".

4. QUEMU download version 0.9.1 of your PS3 (see ressourcesà). install it by opening a terminal system on your PS3 by going to the "system" and "accessory".

5. . use the joystick your PS3 console type "sudo apt-get install Quenu" in the terminal, then press "y" on the controller.

6. Now create a folder that you will "windows" on the desktop linux on your ps3 by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting a new folder in your menu.

7. open the folder and open the Terminal located in the folder.tapez quemu-img- creer 2g xp.img dans le terminal pour créer un lecteur  dur de 2 go pour votre QUEMU a utiliser . le dossier sera ferme et vous verer maintenant le bureau linux.

8. creates a disk to install Windows XP on your computer using nLite. Download nLite on your computer if you do now (see resources).
creates a copy of your Windows XP installation disk you use to install Windows XP on your computer.
Just place the installation disc into the CD-ROM, double-click the "nLite" icon on your desktop and click "copy" on the main page.

 9. copy the installation disk of Windows XP that you have created a flash drive. plug the flash drive into the PS3 console and open the windows xp installation disk.
open the folder "windows" created in step 6. open the terminal located in the folder.

10. use the joystick to the ps3 type "quemu-cdrom-hda-xpinstallcd.iso xp.emg-m 64m-boot d" in the terminal. This allows the installation and change your Windows XP on your PS3 for free.

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