Friday, March 9, 2012

internet connection for ps3 - How to connect the PS3 to the Internet without a router

the playstation 3 offers friendly online functionality to allow you to play for a Player Characters, download updates made ​​to improve a day of games, you can ausi ​​disscuter with other jouerus.

  to do that you need for a router.

  Here are the fawns which connect your PS3 to a router.

  You need to start off your ps3 and unplug from the wall outlet. unplug your cable or dsl moderm as well, and s "asurez it is unplugged from the wall outlet.

  plug a patch cable in the back of the PS3 in the back of high speed internet moderm. plug the PS3 back to barnchez your modem and wait two to ten minutes for it to obtain an IP address. then turn on your PS3, your PS3 will mantenant connect to the internet without a router.

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