Friday, March 9, 2012

internet on ps3 - Guide to install firefox on ps3

8 years ago if I had said it was possible to sail on a playstation I would have never believed, I just installed firefox on my console it is NOW! more than one month I can surf the internet with my ps3 console.

I will teach you the ways to install mozilla firefox on your console. Installation is pretty easy to do with my views, if you find a fat complicated so I suggest you buy ps3 magic that will install firefox for you on PS3, so you'll be able to turn your console into a real laptop, such as playing games, listening to music, play games SNESS .. I personally recommend you use the second option.

how to install firefox on PS3:
 to install firefox on ps3 you must have linux on your ps3. to do this I suggest you download ps3 magic is the best software to install linux on ps3.
 you pheripherique storage needs as usb, then plug the usb on your computer. create a "firefox on ps3" is the root of the drive. In this context, do a "otheros" folder.
 unpack the iso cd add-on. Now go to the "kbroot" folder and locate the "otheros.bld. move it to your" otheros "on the back of your usb drive or flash drive.

Now you must remove the flash drive and insert it into the ps3. we must recognize that you have inserted a new peripheral storage and demand that you format. do it.
 on the ps3, go to "install other OS," is below, "system settings" menu "parameters". click "accept" to begin.
 accept a "autreOS", located under "system parameter" menu "parameter" once you beings reduced to the menus.
connect your keyboard and mouse to your console. those required for Internet navigation.

 insert the cd of fedora core 5 on the PS3. restart your console.
expect prompt. beings when you prompt, type: install-fc sda.
in agreement when asked whether or not you will be ready for installation.
put the disk to install the addon you burned earlier. when this process is complete, type "rebot" to start a linux or "stop" to stop the allimentation console.
maintenat type "yum-enablerepo, to give up a day firefox Development" to install firefox.
  if you leave your comment on other mining that you know to install firefox on ps3.

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