Saturday, May 19, 2012

mkv on ps3 - the only way to play mkv on ps3

If you read my post that does not mean a thing! Can not you play mkv on ps3, mkv files generally contain video files such as high definition blue-ray and HD-DVD.

I'll show you how to play mkv files on ps3, you Serer also interested in how to install internet on ps3.

Start by downloading and installing the converter the resource section as video9 ps3, mkv2vob ... I advice you use ps3 video 9, it very easy to use.
Craft video9 ps3 and click "video files".

  Click on "select file" and click on the file still has mV from the window that appear. Click on "definitions" and cut a new location to save the video file. Name the new video in the title field.
Click "next" and start converting "to convert mkv to mp4.

4Media Video Converter Open and click the "+" click your mkv files from the window that appear. Click the "profile" click on the "MPEG-4 video" option. Click "Browse" and select a location to save the new video file click the Start button to convert video.

Open mkv2vob and click "source files" to open a new window. Click on your mkv files and click ok. Then select the tab "Settings" and click "spliting files." Click "no" click "Transcode video" and click "automatic". Click "add a file to start the conversion.

Now connect an external hard drive to your computer and right-click the new video file that was created. Click "copy".

Click the button to start the computer desktop and double click "computer". Right-click an empty space on the hard disk. Click "New" and click the folder again. Name the video file and right click on the folder. Click Paste to transfer the file videos.

Then disconnect the hard drive of your computer and connect to your PS3 with the USB cable. Cut the icon "Video" menu main ps3. It is located approximately midway in the main menu on the right. Select the file to watch it.

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