Saturday, May 19, 2012

tv on ps3 - The Secret to watch tv on ps3 with Nero MediaHome

I just discovered a great trick on the way to watch tv on ps3, cool huh.
In this post today because I know how to get the tv channels on your PS3 with Nero MediaHome.
I also advice you how to install lire Windows media Player on ps3 ps3 with windows media server.

To begin begin insert your tv tuner PCI in a PCI slot on your computer. Then insert your cable TV coaxial Turner in the harbor.
Go online to download and install "Nero MediaHome".

Nero MediaHome now open and you will get assistance through configuration. Turner Select from the list of tuners. Click "OK" and click "search channels". You will be presented the channels available for streaming with MediaHome.

Click the "start and click if this is craft, yet STED click" nero media server "in the list of programs installed on your computer. Click the" nero media server "notification icon in the bottom right corner of your computer screen and click activate streaming tv, in the menu that appears.

Click "Start to begin streaming through your home network.

Start browsing through the main menus of your playsation3, go to the video section. You will now see the Nero MediaHome server apps has been installed on your PS3.
Now just select a channel to watch.

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